The best choice for your bathroom remodeling is our local, experienced, and family-owned home remodeling company in Westchester, NY | Fairfield, CT

If your bathroom is dated or damaged, in need of additional storage space or safety features, or just isn’t meeting your needs, HDLoft Solutions can give you the complete bathroom remodel you need without the headache. We never cover or hide problems.

Effortless Complete Bathroom Remodeling

With HDLoft Solutions, you can add comfort, style, and value to your home. Our exclusive full bathroom remodel process removes old materials and fixtures and replaces them with beautiful options in a wide variety of colors and styles.

With HDLoft Solutions, you avoid the headache of dealing with unreliable contractors, constantly changing timeliness and unexpected costs

If your bathroom needs a modern refresh rather than a complete remodel, HDLoft Solution’s bathtub and shower renovations can revitalize your space. Our professional designers work with you to select materials and designs that compliment your existing bathroom and our efficient crews complete construction of your brand-new bathtub or shower in just a few days.

Custom Tub and Shower Remodels

Free Design Consultation

Bathroom remodeling made easy


From the flooring underfoot to the lighting overhead, HDLoft Solutions offers all the quality products you need to create a beautiful, functional new bathroom

Free Design Service

During your free in-home design or visit to our showroom, our design consultants listen carefully to your needs and helps you develop a uniquely beautiful design

Design Consultation

Schedule an in-home consultation and one of our expert design consultants will measure your space and share solutions for building the bathroom of your dreams


Once you’ve chosen your products, our technicians prepare your home, carefully removes your old bathroom and handles all repairs necessary for installation

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Are you looking for an updated look in your bathroom?

If you live in or recently purchased an older home, it’s likely your bathroom hasn’t changed much since it was initially built. Unfortunately, this means those trends of the “old days” are probably still plaguing your bathroom. Then yes, it’s time for a bathroom remodeling project!

Do you want to increase your home’s resale value?

If you want to increase your home’s resale value, updating the bathroom is a great place to start.First, it’s important your bathroom fits into the clean and minimal look on trend right now. It’s a timeless look which people are drawn to, especially in a sea of other homes with drab colored bathrooms. Once you’ve decided on the look, it’s time to decide on updates you can add to your bathroom during the remodel.

Are you Ready?

Turn your current house into your dream home.
Let HDLoft Solutions guide you through the consultation and remodeling process to completely customize your home